Merry Christmas!

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas than Happy Holidays!

This holiday season I received a nice spread of gifts from gift cards to pj’s, but my favorite gift was a dream.

Like any good web-reader, as soon as the festivities were over I ran downstairs to check on a few holiday webcomics.

AppleGeeks gave us a romp in the snow as well as a link to this video.

This guy needs job NOW. A trip to Lee’s site gives a list of other projects that can be done on the Wii as well as the software required to do them.

Peace on Earth, Problems on Pluto


Forget about the apple

Or does that even work with dentists? No matter, because I have found the new, true, love of my life.


Isn’t she a beauty?The TiFinity Toothbrush is made of a new material in the home dentistry world, Titanium. And while that might sound like dragging a zester around your mouth, her inventors guarantee that not only will the metal bristles be just as soft as nylon, but the brush as a wholo will last longer than those silly old plastic ones ever did.

They come in a variety of colors and go for $46.50 a pop but don’t take my word for it.

Join the waiting list and find out for yourself.

Same Old Rant

Earlier I posted about the problem America seems to have  with allowing pointless inventions to gain popularity. In other countries, these near-useless items or Chindogu as the Japanese call them, are just for the friends and family of those who make them. Here however, we’ve turned them into a get rich quick scheme.

I present for your inspection, the Marmot IGlove Liner


The IGlove’s purpose is to allow easy navigation of the Ipod scrol wheel

without having to remove ones gloves in the dead of winter.

The key is a special polymer attached to the thumb and forefinger of each hand that allows for uninterrupted contact with the scroll wheel.

You really have to hand it to them.

These people found a problem in nothing, then made a soution to it.

When will it end?

In a New York Minute

That is as long as yu have a decent connection. A blog writen on Heather’s Innovation and New Technologies Blog tells a tragic tale of a teen arrested for ‘stealing’ virtual furniture. The culprit won’t be the last, as Second Life welcomes CSI:NY into its ranks.


The idea spawned from an episode set in the world of Second Life itself.

The game that came after allows Second Lifers the chance to solve

mysteries with the avatars of the show characters.

With any luck, all of Second Life will be full of slueths as the people use thier virtual forensics kits to solve a series of cases to be wrapped up in a show to be aired in Febuary.

Anonimity takes the Backseat.

And behind reinforced glass no less. Eternal Sunshine of the Innovative Mind author wrote of one of the strangest investigation I’ve ever heard of. In it, the culprit of a hate crime was apprehended using Facebook as a means for a line up.

Stories like these are becoming more frequent which lead me to

think that there should be a new brand of law enforcement. Jobs in many areas are embracing the vast influence the internet.  Most

appropriately, journalists have joined the wave to create mobile journalists or Mojos. Along with the kit they receive, the journalists are able to capture and write stories virtually wherever they are.

Were police officers trained in a similar fashion, cases like the

Eternal Sunshine post and  the NBC ‘To Catch a Preator’ case would be almost commonplace.

You Remember those potato guns….

They were so much fun. Until someone got hurt.

Seriously though, take any tube and add a fuse and propellant and you’ve

got an afternoon of fun.

Staying true to the adage of ‘boys and their toys’, an Australian based

company has developed a system known as

Metal Storm

Here’s how it works


 Special, ellectronicall fired bullets are fired via computer at speeds of up to 60,000 bullets a minute.

These systems will without a doubt revolutionize the way many things, military and not, are done.

 They can be fired non lethally by using rubber bullets for prison riots,

or they can make sure there are no unwanted presences in the sky.

Race to the Finish

Autobons and Decepticons

Alliance and the Horde

Mac’s and PC’s.

Like it or not, there will always be some faction seeking to rise above another.

However, and I can’t be all fire and brimstone when it comes to the culture, they’re doing great this time of year and the launch of the Iphone

and the Ipod Touch has quite a bit of people clamoring for one.

The next thing they have in mind appears to be a re-envisioning of the Apple Newton.

According to patent photos filed by Apple, it looks to be a touch enabled tablet computer. A new and interesting design, I think we all would like to see how this technology turns out.