Race to the Finish

Autobons and Decepticons

Alliance and the Horde

Mac’s and PC’s.

Like it or not, there will always be some faction seeking to rise above another.

However, and I can’t be all fire and brimstone when it comes to the culture, they’re doing great this time of year and the launch of the Iphone

and the Ipod Touch has quite a bit of people clamoring for one.

The next thing they have in mind appears to be a re-envisioning of the Apple Newton.

According to patent photos filed by Apple, it looks to be a touch enabled tablet computer. A new and interesting design, I think we all would like to see how this technology turns out.





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  1. […] by Innovation’s recentley posted about Apple’s upcoming Son of Newton (read post here).After reading about this advancing technology I couldn’t help but wonder exactly how a good […]

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